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Product B Antioxidants and Telomere Support Product from IsaGenix

This is the Telomeres Support product people have been eagerly waiting for - Live Long - Live Healthy!

FAQ - Product B with Antioxidants Plus Telomere Support

Can You Explain How does Product B work?

To grasp the power of Product B IsaGenesis, it's important to understand telomeres, the very element Product B IsaGenesis aims to support. Telomeres are the protective caps at the ends of our cellsromosomes. They protect our DNA from damage like the caps on shoelaces protect the laces from unra

As we age, our cells are constantly dividing and our telomeres shorten during the process. Oxidative stress, toxins and a poor diet can cause the process of telomere shortening to speed up, which means we age faster in life. And the faster we age, the sooner we face age-related health conditions down the road.

Product B IsaGenesis aims to help telomeres do what they do best protecting your DNA and your cells and help you age healthily. When your telomeres and Product B come together, it's a beautiful thing. And the benefits of that union mean you can enjoy a healthier, more youthful life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of Product B IsaGenesis?

Product B IsaGenesis goes beyond the symptoms of aging to target the ultimate sources of aging. Product B IsaGenesis, especially when combined with Isagenix systems, is uniquely designed to offer what Isagenix believes to be the best telomere support on the market, resulting in powerful healthy-aging benefits such as youthful vitality and energy, vital organ support, healthy immune system support, and more.*

Who should use Product B IsaGenesis?

Product B IsaGenesis is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain their youthful energy and vitality. Product B IsaGenesis uses scientifically sound ingredients, and is ideal for adults who want to gain the powerful, healthy-aging benefits that have been shown to come with healthy telomeres. Product B IsaGenesis contains no animal by- products, making it safe for vegetarians and vegans to use. Due to the powerful ingredients, do not consume Product B IsaGenesis if you are pregnant or nursing.*

How do I use Product B IsaGenesis?

One serving of Product B IsaGenesis consists of two softgels. Adults 18+ using Product B IsaGenesis should take two servings daily; once in the morning with breakfast, and once at lunch or in the evening with dinner, depending on personal preference

1. At what age should one start taking Product B?

While we believe that Product B may provide benefits for all ages, we currently do not recommend Product B be taken by anyone under that age of 18.

2. How many should I take each day?

We recommend 2 capsules, twice daily.

3. Should I take them with food/shake? Can I take on Cleanse day?

Product B is ideally taken with an IsaLean Shake or other food in the morning and evening. Product B is also recommended for Cleanse days.

4. Is there anyone who should not be using Product B?

Those who are pregnant or nursing should not take Product B. Those under the supervision of a doctor should consult their doctor before taking Product B.

5. If I’m using Product B, will I still need to use the Essentials?

Yes, IsaGenix Ageless Essentials are an ideal complement to Product B. The Daily Essentials Pak includes a number of ingredients, such as Omega 3s, vitamin D3, resveratrol, etc., that provide benefits in supporting telomeres.*

6. Can I just take Product B and, if so, what would be my benefit?

Product B was not designed to be a stand-alone product. For best results, we recommend taking Product B as part of an overall system to support better health. Obviously we would prefer you to take the other IsaGenix nutrition products as we believe they would work best. But even if you don't take other IsaGenix products Product B works best if you also are also taking a regimen of high quality nutritional supplements. This only makes sense your body still needs adequate amounts of calcium, magnesium, and all the vitamins and minerals, etc. to function at its best.

If you do go with the other IsaGenix products we recommend you using a system that includes Isalean® Shakes, Cleanse for Life®, and the Ageless Essentials Daily Pak, among other Isagenix products, can help you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, which are key factors to living longer and living healthier.

7. What claims can I make about Product B?

Cannot Make

  • No medical or curative claims
  • Can’t claim it reverses aging process
  • Can’t claim it lengthens telomeres
  • Can’t claim it induces telomerase

* Can Make

  • When used as part of the Isagenix system, Product B provides what we believe is the most powerful telomere support on the market*

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